Solo & Partner Dance

Andy Reid is one of the most well-known and influential swing dancers out there. Since he started dancing in the late nineties, Andy has left an indelible mark on the dance scene. Andy’s style is a balance of the refined and the eccentric. His proficiency with rhythm and partnering makes his dancing rich and inspiring to watch and experience. While Andy’s dancing has many influences, Andy credits his greatest influence as the Harlem-born Black American social and performance dance called Lindy Hop – the original swing dance.

Since 2002, he has performed and taught in countries around the world including Korea, Australia, Japan, and all over Europe. Always striving for harmony with the music, Andy’s experience playing music in his current hometown of New Orleans affords him the opportunity to give his students a deeper musical connection to their dance. Andy’s teaching aims to bring the best out of his students both physically and mentally. 

Andy has been a part of numerous very prominent dance teams. He is a founding member of Silver Shadows–undoubtedly one of the most influential Lindy Hop dance teams. He is also a member of the highly innovative troupe Minnie’s Moochers. Finally, Andy is also a founding member of Mad Dog!, a Lindy Hop Crew who is infamous within the Lindy community for some reason.

Andy currently resides in New Orleans, LA, where you can regularly see him playing bass with local traditional New Orleans bands.

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Improvisation with Mia Goldsmith Halloran @ Boston Tea Party 2019
Improvisation with Mia Goldsmith Halloran @ International Lindy Hop Championships 2011
Silver Shadows @ Frankie Manning’s 95th Birthday Celebration
Improvisation w/Nina Gilkenson @ Boston Tea Party 2017
Mad Dog 2003 @ Danvers New Years Celebration
Minnies Moochers @ North Atlantic Dance Championship 2000